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Since 10.7 can't put pictures anymore into project notes.


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Hello, sorry for my bad English, but I am German.


Before, with Logic Pro X 10.6 I had no problem for example to make a screenshot an put that via CMD + v (paste) into the Projekt Notes Window like this:




Now, after updating to Version 10.7 this is no longer possible. I only get a very tiny point in the Project Notes Window. That is very, very sad.


Please, can I get help for that?


Klaus from Germany

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It seems this bug is affecting a few people - there are other recent threads on this, so far, without a solution I think...


This happens here, and the console message when this happens is:

"finalizeDestination:3167: *** ERROR: image destination must have at least one image"

(Subsystem: com.apple.imageio)


So either some security settings are preventing Logic getting that dropped image, or it's (more likely imo) a bug.

There's a Logic update coming in the not-too distant future, hopefully it'll be fixed in that.

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Does it make sense to downgrade from 12.2.1 to 12.0.1 (I have Logic 10.7.2 too) just to get I working like it does in your case, David Nahmani?

from Germany Klaus

I really have no idea. I mean from what different users have answered here, your guess is as good as mine whether this is tue to the OS version or something else? Then again, keep in mind that by changing something in your setup to resolve one specific issue, you may create 12 new issues that you are not having right now, so think hard whether or not this is worth it to you?

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I got it !!!


I went back from Monterey to Big Sur and there it works fine. Then I updated Logic (with the new installation of Big Sur i made a migration of my files from the Time Machine) from 10.6 to 10.7.2.


Now it works with the drag 'n drop of pictures into the projectnotes like it does in 10.6 (unter Catalina) before.


I am happy with this.


Thank you all.


Klaus from Germany

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I am running Monterey 12.1 and have found that the pasting of screen grabs does not work with LP 10.7.2 or any of the following 10.6.3 10.6.1 10.5.1 10.4.8

I do remember using the function in earlier Mac OS versions eg Catalina

So IMO it is a system bug

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