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Trying to follow along in Logic and help reroute properly the Spatial Audio Designer – Plug-ins


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I been looking at different ways for headphones speaker setup and I came across this setup and plugin


11.1 Spatial Audio Designer he Demos in Adobe Audition!

Now I download the trail and and trying to follow along using Logic

I stared

New track

And I made 12 mono tracks by selecting output 1 mono

Then stuck at how to make two stereo bus ?



The two stereo bus will be named

11.1 mixed




MADE A track AND I recorded my voice saying L C R R MID RS LS L MID LFE LFH RFH RFS LFH

12 mono tracks

Track 1 L

Track 2 C

Track 3 R

Track 4 RM

Track 5 RS

Track 6 LS

Track 7 LM

Track 8 LFE

Track 9 LFH


Track 10RFH

Track 11RSH

Track12 LSH


11.1 mixed



Here he explain I just to need to make sure I route court in Logic

11.1 Spatial Audio Designer he Demos in Adobe Audition!





Here the plugin I trying need help setting up in Logic please https://newaudiotechnology.com/products/spatial-audio-designer/



Spatial Audio Designer_User Manual_11-2021.pdf


Spatial Audio Designer Readme_10-2021.pdf

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