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Set encoder and fader position with patch change?


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I have an ICON PLATFORM M+ control surface. It works flawlessly in Logic and faders jump to their correct position as I navigate through banks of tracks. I would like to replicate the same behavior and have the faders jump to their assigned position upon patch/ preset change. I can control the volume/pan parameters within Mainstage by moving the faders on the control surface as well as moving faders on screen with mouse pointer (which moves physical faders on the controller surface

), which tells me that there's bi-directional communication between Mainstage and control surface. What I can't figure out is why the faders don't jump to their position as I navigate through different patches in Mainstage. Well, sometimes they do but I found that the current behavior is erratic and faders move all over the place. Anyone else run into this problem?

iHack 5K i9-9900K, 64GB RAM, Slate Digital VRS-8 & Apollo x4
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