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Bouncing all vocals


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Hello all,


I have been mixing for about a month now and have learned a lot so far. I have run into an issue which has me quite stumped and couldn't find an answer for it on the web. I am mixing a song for an artist over a 2 track beat and I have finished the mix and have all my vocals on separate tracks. (eg. Hook, Hook Adlibs, Hook Doubles, Verse, etc) I know I could just bounce the file and get it ready for mastering, however I wanted to side chain the vocals to the beat using a multi band to get them to sit in the mix better. When I try to do this, it only lets me side chain one thing like either the hook or the verse etc. I wanted to have one big audio file of just the vocals. I tried to solo all the different tracks and highlight them and bounce them ( I made sure bypass plug ins was off, I turned on volume automation and panning) normalize was off but the file came out sounding absolutely rubbish. nothing like how my mix sounds when I have them all on separate tracks. Is there a simple solution to this?


thank you kindly for your help

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Thank you for your reply!


Im not sure if this would work because I already have my vocal tracks being bussed to different aux channels with different processing being done to them. eg. all my background vocals are being sent to bus 32, all my verse vocals with different processing being sent to bus 31, my hook vocals with different processing being sent to bus 30 so I can't send them to a new bus with all my other vocals if that makes sense? I feel like I am overthinking this but I very much appreciate your help.

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