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Gradually Changing the Tempo of a Single Track

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I know about time stretch, however this manipulates the entire piece or section of audio to be faster or slower. I also can not use a main tempo change as there are aspects of the song I would like to stay at the same tempo. So Is there a way to gradually make a piece of audio quicker or slower?




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The simplest method would be to:

- put the Region(s) on its own track

- Track>Convert Regions To New Sampler Track

- activate Flex in the Sampler's Zones

- automate Pitch Bend



- activate Flex Time on the track

- create a Tempo Map so the soloed track's tempo changes over time

- Bounce In Place

- deactivate Flex

- restore the original tempo


Using Track Alternatives and Tempo Sets gives you options to backtrack in the second method to refine the results.

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Thank you fuzzfilth,


I appreciate your help on this topic.

For the first option when I go to automate pitch bend I do not see that it is available for automation, do I need to update my logic software?


Thank you again,



Edit* (Found it! Worked like a charm, thank you again for your wisdom on this topic and saving me many headaches.)

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