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Drag Apple Loops Easily?

Pablo Caputto

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Hello, I have this question:


Every time I want to drag an apple loop to the tracks area, I have to go to the end of the tracks, to an empty area, so that the corresponding loop loads.

For example I want to add a specific drummer from the loop area, but I have to go all the way down.

This is tedious when I have a project full of channels.

If I add a drummer in the middle of two channels and then add the loop, it changes the settings of the loops to another drummer


Is there any practical way to drag in the middle of two tracks? Or should I always go to the bottom of the project?

Thank you

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On 2/24/2022 at 5:13 AM, Atlas007 said:

As explained here, if you are looking for a way to create a track (to insert an apple loop) between two other existing tracks, have you tried the following:

  • Hold down the Command key and drag an audio file, region, or Apple Loop between two existing track headers.

This is cool and helpful but is there a way for the entire Apple Loop to be dragged in between two tracks without Convert to options that pop up? I just want the Apple Loop added in as is, as a single audio region. Is there are way to do this?

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Just tried a few things, but unfortunately I don't think so. Logic wants to know how it's supposed to deal with the audio material.

It really doesn't take half a second to press ctrl-alt-a to create a new audio track. Maybe just do that?

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