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Untagged Loops on External HD


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Is it possible to place the untagged loops folder onto an Ext. HD and have Logic access them from there?? I have tried but the tab disappears from Logic after I erase the untagged loops folder. From what I understand Logic is processing the audio files and makes copies placing them into the untagged loops folder on the computer. I have many gigs of loops and don't want them on my Laptop. FYI all my loops are on my Ext. HD to begin with.


Alternatively, Is it possible to have non apple loops playback synced to the project tempo? This used to happen automatically but ever since I updated LPX it has not worked. I recall there was an option available at the bottom of the Loops window in settings (round gear icon)


Thanks in advance for the help :)

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Not sure if this would be a workaround or if it even works:

Create a folder inside the Untagged Folder called "My Loops", for example. Now put all of your loops there and let Logic analyze them. When it's done, move that folder to your External Drive and then create an alias of that folder, inside the Internal Drive's Untagged Loops. Does it make sense?


Again, not sure if this will do anything, but it's worth trying and see what happens

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