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Sharing instruments between channels.


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I remember that mainstage could share some instruments or channels in same concerts but I can't find it how. (Due to pandemic I'm not on stage for 2 years)


For example can I open only one Alchemy on one channel and use that Alchemy on other patch with different sound (like program change)


Or do I event need to worry about it? For example If I'm using an kontakt trumpet instrument on one channel and same instrument again with a different kontakt launched, does it take more memory or is it smart enought o use the same thing?

Macbook Pro 2012, Mac Mini 2020
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I'm sure there are different ways to accomplish this.

One way is the "paste as alias" technique where a channel strip is basically "aliased" to the original sound. This can be useful when the same patch is used at several locations.

Another way is the "use Kontakt as multichannel engine" technique:

- add Kontakt on the Concert level

- load the various sounds and set them to different MIDI channels

- add a "MIDI activity" element in the Layout and set that to a specific IAC port (generate one if there isn't one yet)

- assign the Kontakt channel strip to this new MIDI input


Now you can create "External Instrument" strips in your patches. Assign the new MIDI port and desired channel to them; and voila: Kontakt behaves exactly like a multitimbral synthesizer/sampler.

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Yeah the thing I was searching is alias channels. It's kinda sad that it can't change to a different patch.

The multi timbral module and external instrument setup make sense I'll try that with kontakt.

Macbook Pro 2012, Mac Mini 2020
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