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Glissando using chopped up Flex pitch sample


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I have a vocal that holds one note. (Amanda Oh 3 G3)

Ichopped it up and turned on flex pitch to get the sample to sing a melody.


I'm wondering if theres a way to glissando between notes so they arent as abrupt.


I tried Pitch Drift but that just affects the whole slice


Do I have to load the samples in Sampler and add Glissando there? Or is there a way to do it without the extra steps?



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another option would be to take the chopped track, bounce it so that it's one audio file, turn on flex pitch, use it to set the melody you want and then use the pitch drift feature in flex pitch to get the smoother glides.


that being said, I think your best option is using the sampler


Hi Bryce,


Thanks for the tips.

I tried both and neither really did the trick.


I guess I have to wonder how people take a single note vocal sample and make it into a melody?



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