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Migrating MBP MOJAVE TO MBP M1PMAX Monterey


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Tomorrow's my 57th birthday so I'm going to ruin it by migrating my current MBP (Late 2016-Taakbar) running Mojave and Logic 10.4.6(?) (Using 32Lives for some 32 bit plugins that I will now relegate to the dustbin of arbitrary hardware limitations.


I have used Carbon Copy to Clone the 2TB SSD in the MBP after upgrading as many apps and plugins as possible. For some reason, Time Machine stopped backingup my MAC HD months ago despite buying new external drives - kept stopping about 33%.


So, what is the best method. The new M1 SSD is 4TB so I'm pretty sure I can't just use CC to clone the 2TB drive because I assume it will create a 2TB partition and then have an unpartitiined 2TB.


Should I use migration assistant to take the data from the Mojave clone to the M1 SSD as opposed to cloning the old MBP SSD?


Should I try Time Machine again, then install the old MBP MOJAVE on the new M1 then update OSX to Monterey?


Also, I have zipped Logic 10.4 and 10.5.1, but Apple Store doesn't show the 10.7.2 update download. Please point me to the thread to download 10.7.2. I looked but way too many threads to rummage through to find the trick.


I know after doing this upgrade crap for 20 years, it's going to be a total cluster crap troubleshooting every non-working plugin, waiting for native versions, R2 not working, losing some 32 bit plugins (which I guess I can access via the old MBP and freeze anything and then transfer.


Of course, I had my iLok, Waves Thumbdrive, Korg dongle, and IK ST4 Thumbdrive on a 4 USBa hub that has hit giving me trouble in 4 years. Out of nowhere, all 4 dongles are not recognized on any computer (MBP, iMac, Win, iPad), whether direct into a USBa slot, a Thunderbolt input (using the converter dongle, or plugged into a Thundernolt hub. None of these thumbdrives show the drives receiving power (blue iLok light flickering). All other external HDs, SD cards, flash and thumb all work. Any ideas?


Luckily I have ZDT for the iLok and I believe I can just put Waves on a new drive. The IK Sampletank drive is backed up multiple times, I just have no idea what is on the Korg dongle and what else was kept in the Waves Thumbdrive.


Any and all advice and avoiding landmines is greatly appreciated.

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You're trying to clone your Intel Mojave system drive, and install it on an M1Pro in Monterey..? That sounds like a *really* bad idea. These are *very* different systems.


Faced with this task some weeks back, I choose to not migrate anything, and start from a new fresh system, and reinstall all my software and settings manually. It took a while, but I end up with a fresh system without 20 years of previous crud, and old and non-functioning software. I don't regret it at all.


If that's too much of a task, then yes go for Migration Assistant, would be my next suggestion.


Don't forget to de-authorise any software with limited authorisations on your previous system drive, unless you want to keep those authorised to that machine as well.


Also, I have zipped Logic 10.4 and 10.5.1, but Apple Store doesn't show the 10.7.2 update download.


That's because you're on Mojave, which won't run 10.7.2. When you are running on the new machine, download Logic from the AppStore on that and it will give you the latest version.

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Should I try Time Machine again, then install the old MBP MOJAVE on the new M1 then update OSX to Monterey?


To complement what des already said:

The M1 machine won't let you. Plain and simple. So don't even try it.

It's been set in the computer hardware Rom that you cannot install an older OS than the one it came with.

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Thanks. I'll try Migration Assistant. Last machine update, MA didn't do a great job but TM hadno issues.


I did use Carbon Copy on my MBP2016 to the M1, which did install on the M1 and I updated to Monterey. But, I'll give MA a shot.


I have way too many plugins to install, plus digging up codes I printed out and reauthorizing thrm. People complain about iLok but it makes migration significantly easier.


Thanks again.

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