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How to change the rhythm from a loop?


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Hello guys


I'm new here so I don't know if this is the right place for this question. But if u can help me about this.


I have a loop from a lead instrument and a loop from percussions. How can I change the rhythm from lead to play the rhythm from percussion loop? :shock:


Thank u! :D

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Thanks both for your reply!


I try the groove track, but I don't want follow the rhythm of the percs. I want the lead play exactly the rhythm of the percs. The percs work like a rhythm preset.


I'll try to explain what I see in other daw (with my terrible English :P)


For example :

I have a 2 bar lead instrument and I drag into this an audio percs loop (I know this isn't possible in lpx).

When I drag this in, a message tell me which midi mode I want to convert the percs (harmony, melody,drums). When I select one of these, the rhythm from the lead instrument change automatically in the rhythm of 'midi' percussion loop. And works like that.


I hope to find a solution in this technique in lpx, its very handy!

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I think elektronikon is talking about how this works in another DAW, in this particular case I would guess Ableton. If you drag an audio file into a midi region on a midi track in Ableton, it will give you three choices on how to convert the audio to midi.

And if it's possible to recreate this particular workflow in Logic.

You could maybe try to use the Drum Replacement/Doubling function to create midi out of the perc loop audio file, but I don't know if it's possible to generate flex markers out of a midi region on another track.

So maybe then converting the lead loop to a new sampler track, and then using the midi from the drum doubling operation to play the sampler track?


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