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ModWheels controls HiHat with Scripter?

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Is it possible to achieve the same result of "GM+ModWheel controls HiHat opening level" inside Drum Kit Designer, using the Scripter?



I don't really know the "science" behind that option, so I don't even know what would be scripted in case it's possible.


The reason I'm asking this is because I noticed that if I save a patch with that option ON, when I recall it, it's back to just GM.

It stays ON if I save a project with that patch (even though I first need to change it from the default "just GM"), but recalling the patch itself, makes it default to just GM


There's a preset for the V-Drum compatibility, which is also an option inside DKD, but nothing for the ModWheel option



So basically what I would like to do is let it be "just GM" and maybe with the scripter change the behavior so it acts the same way as the option with the ModWheel, even though the ModWheel option is not the one selected. That way I can save the patch with a scripter that does the job. Hope it makes sense

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Wild (and possibly also dumb) guess here: does it work if smart control is somehow involved in the process?


If it needs manual set up, then no.

I wanted to just load a patch and be ready to go, without any set up, otherwise, I would just do it inside DKD. :)

I was never a big fan of smart controls, to be honest. I think they are that feature that has a lot potential, but it was never developed to become a "great" feature, you know?

The fact you can't save SC presets, is just plain... well... idiotic, for lack of better words haha

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