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Bug where Logic creates a random sustain pedal event several bars earlier

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I've been having this bug in Logic where when I record on a midi instrument track, Logic creates one or two sustain pedal events on the track somewhere before where I hit record.


So if I start the recording from, say, bar 19, everything I do gets recorded, but Logic adds a sustain pedal event on bar 15. Or it might create a sustain pedal event on bar 18 and 12. In any case, it's throwing random CC64 (value 0) events into the track before the recorded part for no reason.


Here's a video. It'll happen a few days into working on a particular Logic project, and then happens consistently thereafter for that project. For this project, it will happen basically every time I hit record on a midi track at this point.


Any ideas on what could be causing this or how to troubleshoot it? Thanks!

Logic creates sus pedal event.mov.zip

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Now I notice it consistently puts the midi 64 event(s) on bars 15 and 23. When I hit record, then stop, on a track, it creates these two events.


But only if I'm after those bars. That is, if I start recording after bar 15, it creates it on bar 15. And if I hit record after bar 23, it creates the events on bars 15 and 23. (If I start before 15, nothing unusual happens.)



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So I did some troubleshooting and narrowed the culprit down. There were one or two regions where the sustain pedal was above 64 at the end of the region, and when I muted these regions, or put the sustain down to zero, the problem went away. But it's quite odd, because it was creating these extra midi events on whatever track I was recording on, not just the ones where the sustain pedal was left up.
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