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Is turning off "Smart" Tempo in LPX even possible??


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My question is simple, "is it possible to simply turn off Smart Tempo in LPX in the year 2022" without convoluted LPX work arounds?


"Yes" or "no"


I get that a lot of people love it but been using it for years now but quite honestly... it's rarely anything but a source of complete grief, backtracking work arounds & me feeling like I'm constantly hitting walls & losing my mind over the simplest thing.


Literally my only task today: Filling in empty parts of a bass track by using existing recordings from the first half of the song...thats it. Is it too much to ask with out having LPX sticking it's nose in it & changing tempos, lengths, spacing etc...?? I get that the song has different tempos in the verse and chorus but am I not allowed or able to just move stuff around freely by ear (& 20+ yrs of playing music) Am I crazy? (please just tell me if I'm crazy)


I don't mind using "Smart" tempo at the very end to tighten things up a bit but quite honestly...all this other stuff? No thank you.


"Off" button required. (For the love of good God please, just make an off button!!!)


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again at a stand still.

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It looks like you're moving multiple audio regions in a new section that has a different tempo (it's hard to see on your screenshot because your text is hiding the tempo track)? Logic isn't warping anything however it's keeping the same relative position of the multiple selection.


The question is, what are you trying to achieve, musically speaking, by moving regions without modifying their tempo to a new section that has a different tempo?


If it's not something musical then just bounce the regions into a single one before moving them, or use Shuffle mode to bring the regions together again in the new section.


If you're trying to do something musical then we need more details as to the ultimate goal?

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David Nahmani » "It looks like you're moving multiple audio regions in a new section that has a different tempo"


Thanks for the quick reply David! There are a bunch of different tempos throughout the song yes indeed!


Sorry to complicate things. I have already exported my comp from my take folder, essentially "bouncing it" out no? All I am trying to do is simply move my bass guitar clips over 30 seconds to the right regardless of what tempo it is.


In short: I don't want Logic trying to correct anything at all? No warping, shifting, separating, flexing or keeping anything at any "relative position". Fully capable of making music without Logic trying to be "Smart" about it all. (Incredibly annoying)


Is there just no way to tell Logic to buzz off (to put it kindly) so that I can do my work? If I want to use Flex later I will, but until then, I would just really like to move things freely.


I mean, I feel like I'm not asking for much. Just trying to turn "smart" tempo or any "Smart" features off lol

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Logic is doing exactly what you asked it to without even trying to be smart. Here's what happened:


You have a selection of five Regions at the top of the song. You copy those five Regions, which, for the sake of argument, each are two bars long and start at bar 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, to bar 13. If you look closely, you will find that the copied Regions now start precisely at bars 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21. In other words, each Region has been moved by the exakt same 10 bars, which is what you asked for. However, the tempo is slower, which means it takes longer from bar 13 to 15, so the Region, which still matches the old, faster tempo, runs out of music and a gap occurs.


There's two ways to solve this, and none involves anything smart.


- select Regions 7, 8, 9, and 10

- Local Edit>Move>Shuffle Left


This will remove all gaps and move the Regions to the left. However, because now the bass (and the bass only) essentially plays at the tempo of the section it came from, it will not be in sync with whatever other music plays here at a different, slower tempo. This may or may not be what you want.



- select the five source Regions

- Local Edit>Tempo>Write Project Tempo To Audio File

- Enable Global Flex View in 1, set Track Flex Mode to Monophonic in 2 and turn the Regions' Flex&Follow On in 3.



- Copy the Regions to where you want in the song and you'll find that they, as if by magic, without any gaps, match whatever music is already there. This borders on smart, if I may say so.


Neither option is a workaround, these are the ways to do it to achieve the respective results.

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