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Count down timer for Markers


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I want to set markers for cues on where the video guy needs to be at certain parts of the song. I was wondering if there is a pop out window with a visual count down until the next marker so he knows exactly how long till he needs to get in position for a guitar shot for example.


I know its a bit of a long shot to have such a specific tool but I though I would ask on here just in case its hidden in there somewhere.

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So the video guy would have to have a free sight line to a Logic screen at all times which very obviously would be highly visible in a lot of camera angles, and also constantly watch that Logic screen for cryptic countdowns to pop up when he actually should be shooting stuff with the camera. Not sure this is the right approach.


If it's a live show, think about what a live camera director says during a transmission, speak that onto an audio track and feed that into the camera guy's earpiece.


In a music video shoot, the video guy shoots a couple of camera angles, long shot, medium shot, closeup, high and low angles, moving shots, etc., each over pretty much the entire length of the piece, plus a couple of short segments where he gets uncomfortably close to the guitarist and his solo. All of this to give the editor guy something to work with, and also just in case the guitarist later appears to look cross-eyed from that weird camera angle during the solo or it was obvious in the main shot for an embarrassingly long split second that the guitar wasn't even plugged in.

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Thanks for the reply,


It's for a live studio style recording. I wanted to go for a single moving camera for the whole song. I really like the vibe of one moving shot for live recordings. I'm planning on doing a lot of these videos so wanted to figure out the best way to give cues. If there was a way to do countdown till next marker, I was going to try put it on a remote screen attached to his rig.


Audio cues may be the way to go though thanks for the advice.

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