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Is there a controller that works just for plugins in Logic pro? Looking for a answer for just pugins already have multiple Mackie universals ,for faders and pans,... but would love to control all of my plugins so its all "hands " on deck versus a mouse.
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Interesting, My mackies can also control the plugins? I was not aware it could do both panning volume and control the plugins.


It sounds like there's probably a lot of functionality you already have but aren't using.


There's a group of six Assignment buttons at the centre top, which put the MCU in different modes, including Plugins, Instruments, Track, Send etc...


If you want to access FX plugins, press "Plug-In", if you want to access Instrument plugins, press Instrument, etc. You can access all parameters of all plugins on all insert slots, automate them, flip them onto the faders, and much more...


The MCU can basically control everything possible in Logic - it's really wise to learn how to use it properly, even though perhaps it can be a little confusing at first. I really recommend going beyond the transport, faders and pans...! :)

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