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Echo on everything including metronome


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Hi I had to register here cause I'm having trouble finding any info on this issue I'm having in Logic Pro X.


There is a tiny echo on every sound in the DAW, whether it's on old project files or a new initialized MIDI or audio track - the echo is even on the metronome when I make a new blank project file. It would seem like its an input monitoring issue or an issue with my audio interface, but the problem isn't happening when I switch over and test in Ableton. I'm worried I might have accidentally activated some setting in Logic that I'm missing.


I'm on Mac OS 10.4

with an admittedly ancient M-Audio fasttrack pro interface


I've tried changing to every available buffer size, turned 'software monitoring' off and on, tried low latency mode, etc. any help would be hugely appreciated

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Is it really an echo, so you hear two clicks instead of one ? Or is everything late and you hear just one click ? How long is the delay ?


With the metronome it's clearest to hear, it sounds more like two clicks, with a tiny millisecond delay between them

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