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Midi controller knob for tunning

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Hi I am looking for advice.

First do you know any like universal good quality midi controller that will have knob that i can use for tunning(i want to feel under my fingers when I am tuning what i am doing) ,and with some sliders as well maby for cinematic composing to do some creahendos and othe expressions when writing midi melodies and progressions.


And the second question how ro assign this (midi controllers) knob to lets say to fine tune option in the left side drop down menu in logic so I can detune (fine tune)audio samples???


I am looking for some knob with little resistance any way well build (good quality)


Thank you so much

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Many controllers are available on the market.

Personally, I use a C4 and an MCU Pro (both from Mackie).

Old stuff but sturdy, dependable and well supported by Logic.


The new MCU Pro units are however equipped by flawed LED displays, which will require to be replaced regularly or if you're in for a permanent solution, the LUX PMVA LED Display Upgrade is definitely recommendable.


Others will surely come up with their suggestions...


:idea: Tip: opt for rotary encoders (instead of stop knobs) and motorized faders.

Controllers equipped with same are more expensive but way more useful.

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