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project path trouble. and some plugins dim [help]


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hi everyone, hope you're all well.


Strange occurrence just happened, and I'm not sure what exactly happened under the hood, and what to do to fix.


So, when I load a project, that yesterday was fine, this occurs:


1. loading the project takes about 1'20". Obviously much longer than usual. In the time that that the rainbow ball is spinning, Logic says "not responding" in the Force Quit window.

2. when the project finally opens, some plugins are dimmed, like they are when trying to save cpu resources. Except, they won't switch back on. Some are 3rd party, and some are Logic native. If I try to add the same plugin on another track, it will appear dimmed as well. But other plugs will work.

3. I tried to scan in the plugin manger, but no luck in solving it.


Here's what I did after working on music yesterday that have caused this:


I have had my projects folder on an external SSD for the past year. I recently encountered the 8-bit corrupted audio file issue (see in this forum), and decided to move my project folder back to my internal drive. I trashed the alias that was in my music folder, and brought the identically named folder 'Logic', from my SSD back to my music folder on my internal drive.

The problem begun after this. I now moved my folder back to the SSD, created an alias again, to revert to the way it was before, but the problem is still there.


Thanks for any help. Trying to find a reasonably quick fix, before I do a reinstall.

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Hey triplets, so what do you think the safest way to settle logic down might be?


I'm having more troubles, logic is creating additional folders in the Music folder, the alias that pointed to my external broke, I rebuilt it, and logic doesn't recognize the path. Other files have been corrupted on my external hard drive. Suffice to say, this "putting projects on external" experiment has been wildly unsuccessful. I want to revert back to to storing my projects locally.


Is there a 'safe' way to do this? For instance: erase alias pointing to external, create new folder named "Logic" in Music folder. Then drag my projects over from external?

I know it sounds like such a banal question/process. But I can sense im on the verge of a bit of a disaster, and want to mitigate any unfortunate occurrences before they ha[pen.



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Sorry to bother you again Triplets, but I’m in a bind here.


It seems Logic refuses to open projects that are self contained packages (as opposed to saved in folder). It began to happen after the above mentioned, shuffling of my projects folder. Now logic is behaving badly. I should add, that when i proceeed to load one of the projects, it shows the loading audio files dialog, then that box closes, and there’s nothing, and i get the spinning beach all, and have to force quit.


My question is: is there some way to see if it’s the actual project, or if it is the app?


I don’t really want to do a reinstall and loose all my settings etc, but i dont see any other ways to trouble shoot.



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