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Echo Problems with Beat Mapping

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Hi LPH Community,

I was sent a song to add keyboards. The tracks I was sent- an acoustic rhythm track- is beat mapped. My keyboard contribution has the Logic Echo plug in.


My problem:


When I bounce the project and listen to play back I'm hearing the echo plugin respond to the beat mapping. I'm getting those "whooshes" that happen when you turn the note value while your instrument is playing. I don't want this.


Interestingly, in the project itself- before bouncing the project down- I'm not hearing the beat mapping affect the echo plug in.


I tried setting the project to one tempo, but that's not sounding nearly as good.



Anyone have any thoughts as to how I can keep my echo plug in and keep the track beat mapped without hearing the beat mapping affect the echo plugin with those "whooshes"?


Thanks for your help!

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