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Random rewriting time stamp of audio files after saving project

Luke Keywalker

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Hi guys,


I have a big movie project in Logic Pro (10.7.2) with dozens of audio files. I used to organize my bounces in the bounce folder sorted by "latest". Since all my bounces are also as audios in the project (cues for film-scenes) almost every time when I save the project, Logic rewrites a certain amount (not all, couldn't find out the rule) of these files and gives them in my bounces folder all the same date of "latest" - as if I would have bounced them all the same time. This screws up my whole sorting system and all of a sudden very old takes show up at the top of my bounces etc.


Why is Logic doing this? - wasn't doing this since ever. There seems to be a functionality that Logic gives a new time stamp to a certain amount (randomly in my eyes) of audio files in a project the moment you save it.


Anyone has an idea?


Thanks in advance and have a great day everyone.


Best, Luke

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Well, some data is stored and/or changed in the audio files header, so these files appear as modified to the OS, because they are. You do you, but I would never rely on modification date in mission critical situations, but adhere to a naming scheme that is transparent to me or other humans.
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