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Logic Pro Auto Scrolling When Not Playing


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Hey there. So, I tried googling this for a while now, but not finding any help here. When I hover over a window in Logic, whatever I'm working on automatically starts scrolling to the right. The song isn't playing so the catch isn't the issue here. Happens both in the main window, the piano roll, score, whatever. Any thoughts on what's causing this??
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If this was me I'd first rule out the pointing device. Do any other applications have this auto-scroll issue (web browser, Pages file, etc). Regardless, I'd test the hardware by hovering over a window and if it starts auto-scrolling, turn off/unplug the mouse/trackpad and see if it stops. If you use a MacBook trackpad you can disable it when another pointing device is connected in preferences, which can be done to see if the windows scroll with an external pointing device.
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