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Score Editor - Minor changes to Logic with Big Sur?

Music Spirit

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Logic 10.6.3 has been one of the most stable versions I have experienced especially as regards the Score Editor but one very frustrating change (since moving a couple of days ago from Catalina to Big Sur) has caused a puzzling frustration to my workflow:


1/ When making charts and instrumental parts I have relied on selecting a single Chord Symbol then using the Key Command 'Select Similar' Shift S to select all other Chord Symbols on a given page or stave in order to then use 'Align Vertical' and move them into exact position in relation to the notes they apply to and also make them look really neat.


2/ Now when I select a single a Chord then 'Select Similar' Logic only selects all the chords of the same chord ie select D7 and it only selects all D7s?!!!!


Can anyone provide a solution?

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Hi Music Spirit,


I just ran a test and could not replicate this. I'm assuming you mean text symbols entered with "Chord" chosen in Score (not guitar grids). "Select equal" selects all chord symbols, no matter the letter, and "Select similar" also selects every one.


I'm on Bug Sur 11.3.1, *but* I'm running Logic 10.6.2, not 10.6.3. Might you be able to load 10.6.2 as a diagnostic to see if it's a version bug? Sadly, I can't think of a work-around.

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Thanks for your suggestion Plowman - though I am not sure that I could spend as much time as re-loading 6.2 and trying that...


For the record here is the illustration of the problem. In the snapshot below the first half shows the Single Chord symbol selected - a D7


Normally I would follow it with KC: Shift + S ( Select Similar) and it would select all the chord symbols.


But now the same Key Command selects the other D7 ..and the Rehearsal Letters ( which are not chord symbols)....?!!!


This the renders the purpose useless of KC: Align Vertical objects


* * *

The only work around is to individually Shift select/rubber band all the other chord symbols by hand - which in this simple chart for a student doesnt take long but...I dont want to be doing this for an entire arrangement of horns and rhythm section at 3.00am !



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