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Importing and comping multitracks


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Hi here's something I've never done before and having trouble getting advice.


I've recorded a number of tracks at another studio where they use ProTools. The sessions are recording brass sections so there might be say 4 mics with a brass player on each and an ambient mic in the room. I need to import and comp these, but also they need to be multitrack sets i.e. they need to be edited as a group (like say a live drum kit). I have been presented with a load of files / takes which are rendered back to bar 1 so that I know where they go. How would I go about this? Anyone know of a video or somesuch?



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- Drag all the files into the main window

- Select Create New Tracks when asked

- Align the Regions to

- Sort the tracks like this:

Mic 1 Take 1

Mic 1 Take 2

Mic 1 Take 3

Mic 2 Take 1

Mic 2 Take 2

Mic 2 Take 3


- Select the top three Regions

- Ctrl-click the Regions>Folder>Pack Take Folder

- Repeat for all other groups of three Regions

- Select all Tracks that have Take Folders on them

- In the Inspector bottom left, assign them to a Group

- In the Group Settings, enable Editing

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