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Quick Sampler truncates playback of percussion samples


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I've got an issue where the following happens:


1. I have a MIDI region with very simple four to the floor hi-hat beat on the upbeat.

2. The software instrument is Quick Sampler.

3. Playback of the hi-hat sound is truncated (very brief). The whole hi-hat sample isn't being played back by Q-Sampler.

4. If I nudge the MIDI notes in my region by even just one tick, I hear the whole sample playing.


I've struggled with this issue for a while, where sometimes Quick Sampler refuses to play back the whole sample. This is happening with a hi-hat sample that I've selected from the Library (Electronic Drum Kit > Kit Pieces > Hi-Hat 1 Abstract Thought), I've literally just clicked the sample, watched the channel-strip update, and have made no other changes to any settings.


I've experimented with playing back the MIDI notes whilst using Option-Left/Right-arrow, and what I find is that the further away from the grid-line the notes get, the more of the sample gets played. So for example, if the note is lined up on 1 1 1 1, this issue persists. If it's lined up on 1 1 2 1 or 1 1 3 1, same issue. If I nudge the note to, say 1 1 1 108 I will hear the whole hi-hat sample play.


The sample is playing back on the correct root note. In fact if I transpose the MIDI notes up or down a step, I can hear the full sample audition properly. Likewise if I click the play button under the waveform in Quick Sampler.


Whilst trying to screen-record this, I found that when I quantised the notes back to land on 1 1 1 1, 1 2 1 1, 1 3 1 1, 1 4 1 1, the first note started playing back in full. So this seems like a bug to me.

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Update: I think this is something to do with other hi-hat tracks causing this hi-hat track's samples to be "closed" (this 'choking' is sometimes desirable behaviour and is also known as "Exclusive" mode in EXS24 / Sampler, AFAIK).


I discovered this by accident, after I muted the MIDI regions of another track (let's call it track X) that has Quick Sampler playing hi-hat samples. Only muting the MIDI region of track X made the main hi-hat track's hi-hats play fully. Muting the notes in piano-roll view of that region on track X didn't have the same effect (which I find quite weird). Nor did muting track X (since that just mutes audio).


Hoping this new information can help someone identify what I'm doing wrong?!

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