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Old School Keybd Hardware Output Issue


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Hi Everyone - I have an old school Logic hardware issue. Years ago someone set up a template for me in Logic 9, using my then 3 existing keyboards/racks (Juno Stage, Kurzweil PC1X and Roland JV1010). Two years ago I upgraded to Logic 10 and OS Catalina and happily, when opening a Logic 9 created song in Logic 10, it asked me to convert and it did so seamlessly, adapting the environment too. Upgrading caused me having to also upgrade my Emagic midi interface to a MOTU microlite 5x5 and I had to go into Apple Auto Midi Set Up to configure the MOTU and was successful. Then I bought one of the last Yamaha Motif XS racks and added it to the studio. I was semi-successful in that whatever I did - I managed to get all the patch names to appear as a selection when on a specific track (just like it does with the other keyboards) and it outputs to Logic's MASTER output track. But while fiddling around to get that done, I must done something I shouldn't or missed something because now all the hardware keyboards output to the MASTER track EXCEPT for the Kurzweil. When I choose a track/bank/patch in Logic it plays what's shown but doesn't show it's outputting anywhere and that means when a bounce a finished song, MIDI from the Motif, JV1010 and Juno Stage get outputted but no midi from the Kurzweil. There's much in what the person who set this up for me did that I don't understand. I've attached some screenshots and a "what's happening/not happening" description as a starting point. (NOTE: In the picture titled “Logic Pro Midi Instruments input listings” there’s an input designation next to each. I don’t know what these tracks do, but those inputs aren’t correct.). I'm happy to answer requests to more/different info as needed. It's a mystery that I just can't solve. Thanks so much for considering this issue. - Jeff

Current Hardware Setup:

1. Kurzweil PC1X plugged into RME UFX inputs 1 & 2

2. Roland JV1010 plugged into RME UFX inputs 3 & 4

3. Juno Stage plugged into RME inputs UFX 5 & 6

4. Motif XS Rack plugged into inputs UFX 7 & 8


In Logic:

1. Playing a Juno Stage track sends output/sound to Master 1

2. Playing a JV1010 track sends output/sound to Master 1

3. Playing a Motif XS track sends output/sound to Master 1

4. Playing a Kurzweil PC-1X track triggers the sound displayed but NO output/sounds is being to sent to Master 1.


There are 4 Logic instrument tracks as follows :

1. Track 76 = PC1X Input 3-4

2. Track 77 = Juno Stage Input 5-6

3. Track 78 = JV1010 Input 7-8

4. Track 78 = Motif XS Input 13-14


1. Playing JV1010 track cause green input line to appear on track 77 which shows listed as PC1X input 3-4

2. Playing Juno Stage track causes green input line on track 78, which shows listed as Juno Stage Input 5-5

3. Playing Motif XS track causes green input line to appear in track 79 which shows listed as JV1010 Input 7-8

4. Playing Kurzweil PC-1X doesn’t cause any green input to light in either 77, 78, 79, 80





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It looks like you're monitoring directly from TotalMix and those sounds only hit Logic when you print onto the Audio tracks (77-80)?


If so, I'd wager that your 'additional name column' is telling you some sort of truth.


1. In Logic Pro > Mix > I/O Labels... scroll down past the mono section and make sure that the stereo Inputs are indeed named correctly (whatever column you're using—'Channel', 'Provided by Driver', and/or 'User').


2. Once you've verified this, go to your Left Inspector Channel Strip (like the bottom-left of

Logic Pro Midi Instruments input listings.png

), right-click that strip, mouse over Channel Strip Components, and make sure


is checked.


3. Now that you can see your channel's inputs, make sure that ...

PC1X (77) is receiving from Input 1-2

Juno Stage (78) is receiving from Input 3-4

JV1010 (79) is receiving from Input 5-6

Motif XS (80) is receiving from Input 7-8


4. Verify that the additional name columns reflect those changes.


5. Now try recording onto each of those tracks. Is it what you expected?

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