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Can I teach someone on Logic 10.5 with the 10.4 book?

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I've got Logic 10.4 and I've been working slowly through the 10.4 book for revision. Now my Daughter (runs Logic 10.5) in London wants a Logic book for her birthday - do I get the cheaper 10.4 book, so we can work through together, or the correct 10.5 version of the book for her?




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Hi Peter,

I'm seeing this thread only now but ... better late than never, so here it goes.

While they have a common core, the 10.4 and 10.5 books are quite different. While the 10.4 book was an update from older books, covering all the fundamentals of programming, recording, editing in the Tracks view and other editors, 10.5 brought enough new features to justify a revamp of the chapters and start covering more of the "fun" new features that are live loops, quick sampler, Remix FX, working with plug-ins, programming in the Step Sequencer etc. So I took out some stuff in order to make some room to cover the new stuff.

However to answer your question the vast majority of the material in 10.4 book should still work as described for your daughter working in 10.5. There may be some subtle differences here and there but mostly they will be cosmetic and if you describe a 10.4 workflow that you found in the book to her she should be able to reproduce it in 10.5.

So I think you may be fine with the 10.4 book, in fact it does cover a few things that are no longer in the 10.5 book.


Enjoy the teaching process! I find it very rewarding. Hope you're having fun.

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