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Looper with threshold recording ?


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I have tried to check our live loops -but it seems a little too grid focused and deeeep. But if I can get it to work for my purpose then that would be awesome, but so far I have not been able to do it with live loops..


I need my MacBook Pro to take on the role as guitar looper.


That means:


1: Record with no tempo or grid = first take sets the tempo for the rest..

2: Threshold recording - So it starts when audio is present and I use my hands to press a key to stop

3: If more tracks is possible and serial (chorus/verse mode is possible then that's a bonus -but I can live without it..


Can live loops do this ? Otherwise if anyone know of a plugin that can do this (It has to either work inside Logic or being able to host a guitar sim if it rolls standalone)



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? If you mean a hardware looper - I got it. An iOS looper, Quntiloop, than can do all the above - got that. But Im looking for a Mac osx looper and there does not seem to be so many options that can compete with hardware or IOS loopers which to me seems pretty odd, hence this thread for help :)
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