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Alchemy Samples Re-index


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Hello, Is it possible to batch Re-index all of the Alchemy samples or reconnect them to the presets? Most of my presets work fine, but a few repeatedly ask for numerous sample locations. I have to point to every one of these individually as it keeps asking for each sample it requires. I'm fairly certain that they are third party presets, but they are looking for stock Alchemy samples. I have refreshed the library and it doesn't fix anything about the missing samples. The sample are all there. Everything is in the default locations. As I said, it is a few presets and most work fine. TIA
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I haven't done that because I have never finished going through re-connecting all of the samples for a given patch because It was a lengthy process because the patches I have had to do this seem to have quite a few samples to re-connect. This is why I was looking for an automatic way to do this across all patches. But if I ever decided to go through each one, I will re-save it when I have finished the re-connection. I understand what you are saying and thank you for the tip.
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