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How To: String Run (2 seconds)

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Hey y'all. I'm tryna recreate a string run section from LSD's Genius. That part lasts 2 seconds, I've got chords and everything but can't figure out how to do it. Can you guys share a technique for this or do it and share a midi with me so i can learn from it?


I tried to share a midi so you can jumpstart the process but logic can't export a proper midi. Crops the half of it and moves all the notes to the region start.


It lasts 2 seconds, appears at 0:20. Song's in B Minor, 159 BPM.


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Hey. I really don't know. It's not the type of music I've practiced but i really like the vibe. Tried to combine Arpegiator with Note Repeater, gave a similar sounding "Run" which goes in scale but not exactly what i wanted.


I thought this was a technique that could be interpreted using a tool. I have close to no experience on manually drawing this kind of swung notes. So a midi could really help me figure all out.



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I'm not 100% sure what you're after, if you want I can send you a midi of a simple string run I just put together in the Piano Roll with Logic Studio Strings. A string run is basically just fast notes climbing up or down the scales in certain patterns, outlining the underlying chords.
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I think the articulations you see in my project probably will work only with Apple Studio Strings (even if they are visible for other instruments). They let me chose instrument variations such as staccato and legato from the Piano Roll for each individual note. Many instrument libraries have variations like this on the instruments. Most often you access them via dedicated keys or buttons on a midi keyboard. Apple's "articulation sets" are really just another way to do the same thing. In fact you can create custom "articulation sets" for any 3D party instrument with such functionality from within Logic. You do it by mapping the chosen articulation name with whatever midi data triggers that data within the instrument :



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