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corrupt file


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i have a logic session that wont open but through importing i have located the corrupted file. is there a way to load the session with out the bad track/file. really trying to avoid building the whole session over thank you so much. been at it for hours and cant seem to get it back to where it was. thank you!!


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Take the corrupted audio file from the audio files folder and pull it to the desktop. Now open the Project and it will ask you to locate the missing file, which you Skip.

If you manage to repair that file later and put it back into the Audio Files folder, you can open the Project again and it will load that audio file too.

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Oh. I thought you meant it was one file/Region on one track.


how to identify all the audio tracks with that file

Actually it's 'all the audio files with that track', right ? Maybe you know that the troublesome track is "Matt bvox", then the files are named "Matt bvox#1.wav" and up. If these are, say, 10 files, open a new, empty project and try to import these. You'll quickly find out which one(s) cause(s) problems.


repairing audio is there a resource on how to do that?

Depends on what the actual damage is. There is, among others, the dreaded "This is an 8bit audio file and can't be read by Logic" error, caused by saving to an Ex-FAT drive. How this can be repaired is outlined here:



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