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Control surface creates a note when I use the volume slider


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I got a Steinberg CMC CH for $25 at a local music store and I set it up using a combination of Control surface assignments and Keyboard Shortcuts - and it mostly works really well that way. EXCEPT - when I have a software instrument that is full range (or at least up into the upper octaves) the volume slider plays a very high G# note. It's only as long as I have my finger on it (it's a touch-sensitive pad rather than a mechanical fader.)


I can get the software instrument to not be affected by it by changing the MIDI IN PORT to be the Arturia Keybaord I use rather than "All." But I'll have to do that every time I create a software instrument track unless someone can suggest a way to change the port so it defaults to the Arturia or can suggest a way to otherwise filter the "Notes" being played by the Controller.


Related to this is that when I have the Arturia set up as a Mackie HUI controller (which it's meant to be capable of) notes being played on the keyboard have activating keyboard shortcuts - which makes the screen go totally crazy when I'm playing something on the Arturia. This has only started since setting up the assignments for the CMC CH. So obviously the controller is creating midi notes for the various functions, and I haven't been able to reset the Key Commands preferences. But, aside from the volume control, the only other key causing issues is the "Shift" key which I don't worry about anyways. I've removed the Mackie HUI controller for midi and that stopped the insane screen trick - which is okay because I rarely ever used the keyboard for that. Again, any way I can get Logic to stop recognizing notes from the CMC CH as "notes" and just be used for the key commands and control surface functions?


Many thanks in advance

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The Mackie HUI and Mackie Control protocols use note messages for communication, that is why playing the keys triggers things inside Logic. In my experience it's usually related to controllers that appear as multiple MIDI ports, with one port for notes and CCs and another for control surface messages.
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