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Phasing issue with one note in midi region


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I’m using a single oscillator in the ES2 and have an iZotope Relay plugin inserted after it with the stereo spread set to 60 and the phase inverted (inverted the phase because it sounded better with another instrument in my mix, not to address the issue mentioned below).

One of the lower midi notes the ES2 is playing, strangely pans out to the left. There is no panning issue with the Relay turned off and the signal in mono. But with the Relay on, all the other notes of the midi region sound fine except for this one lower note.

With the phase not inverted this note still pans to the left, all-be-it a little less. With the phase inverted it pans to the left a little more. It sounds like a phasing issue but not sure why its not affecting the rest of the notes in my midi region. Does anyone know what the issue is and how I might resolve it? Thanks

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