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Convert 4/4 into 12/8 retaining same tempo map


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I have an existing project which I want to convert from the bars from 4/4 into 12/8 retaining the same original tempo map. So that metronome would give 12 clicks per bar instead of 4, maybe grouped into triplets if that is possible.


I can see might also want to split the 12/8 bars into 2 bars of 6/8. So info on that step would be useful too.


I have tried a few things but not figured it out yet..


thanks for any suggestions.


PS I know where to change time signatures, but tempo always gets messed up

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This will only work where tempo is a constant value.


My song project has been smart tempo mapped. It has different tempos for practically every bar. It is a human performance rather than computer generated tempo.


Any ideas ?

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Very clever solution changing the metronome clicks to feel like 12/8 while retaining the original 4/4 Tempo Map. Looks like if you left the Division at /16 you would have a 6/8 click?


I have always taken the more difficult path of changing the project time signature/tempo and using the MIDI Transform tool to alter the MIDI Data Lengths. Very happy to learn this tip, would have saved a lot of headaches in past projects. Thanks very much.

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Christian - genius ! thank you.


I read somewhere that Logic does not have the option to select a dotted quarter note as the beat in a bar, and consequently we have to come with work arounds for 12/8 and 6/8 rhythms.


I can now play my track with a 12/8 metronome click.

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