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automatically name recorded files with track name?


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Ok I apologise... I know this sounds so trivial :? , but I keep getting the recorded files named "Audio Recording#01....02....03" and so on, while of course I would like them to be automatically named with the recording track name, is this function not automatic and maybe needs to be activated somewhere? I looked all over the recording settings but couldn't find it...

thanks in advance :D


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Thanks for your kind help David, just done as you said but it sticks to Audio Recording#01 and ignores the track name...

That's odd, I'm not sure why. Did you follow exactly my steps without using a template of any kind?


What if you first save your project before you start recording audio in it? Does that make any difference?


Another test you could try is to create a new user account on your Mac (it literally takes one mn) and try there to see if it behaves differently?

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Thanks David, ok I tried saving the project before recording, but still no joy, then I tried logging in as a guest, it showed like Logic was running for the first time and was in the default simple mode with no advanced settings, by default it recorded a file with the name "untitled_#01", then when I renamed the track it actually worked and the file name followed the track name I choose... How do I get to get this feature working on my account?

Thanks for your precious and kind help

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