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Bounce in Place doesn't bounce


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I have had lately some issues with bouncing MIDI in place whether I'm using Kontakt within VEP7 or instruments loaded within Logic, the problem is the same and it is always triggered by different instruments.

Bouncing in place 8 bar MIDI track to an audio track (new track or selected track option) results the length of that file only 2 bars long. What I'm also currently experiencing is: bouncing any length MIDI region file doesn't have any audio information at all. When I play back the MIDI it works fine but when it's bounced in place it's either chopped or dead quiet.

Why is this happening?

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Let's simplify and take only one, basic example of your issue, so that we can troubleshoot that. Let's try an instrument inserted directly on the channel strip in Logic. Can you pinpoint which instruments create the issue? Can you reproduce this issue with one of Logic's built-in instruments?

Can you share some screenshots along with description of the exact actions you're taking to perform the bounce, so that we can see if something looks wrong? How to attach files to your post

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Hi David, apologies for the late reply.

So I stumbled upon this problem again. My session is quite heavy since I work with 16GB of RAM Macbook Pro, I have to bounce in place most of the MIDI tracks to make space for other instruments.

In this example, I have a piano MIDI arpeggio, bounced in place and the audio playback has random accents or block chords recorded but MIDI region itself doesn't.

So it can be a problem launched from anywhere - external instruments like Kontakt inside of VEP7 or even within Logic natively and I found it that when I bounce the tracks in place, the problem can be random out of these options:

  1. MIDI region information is beign cut (if I have 8 bar MIDI region, audio is recording 8 bars in whole but only 4 bars have recorded MIDI information)
  2. MIDI region information is randomised (piano arpeggio example, bounced playback has random notes that weren't on the MIDI region)
  3. MIDI information sometimes is not recorded at all (audio track is bounced in place but there's no MIDI information - it's just an empty audio region)

Could it be the case that I have bounced in place too many tracks and then Logic starts to behave weirdly? Maybe there's some sort of limit of how many tracks you can BIP in one session?

I'll add a screenshot about this piano arpeggio problem I'm experiencing:

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 11.18.19.png

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On 4/23/2022 at 9:44 PM, Atlas007 said:

I see that your track count is nearing 1500… Really!?

Which (precise) Logic version are you using?

Besides, I think that VEP (and/or) the remote computer might be at stake here…

It's quite expanded template since I'm using tons of orchestral libraries and usually need to layer them to achieve realistic sound.

I'm using 10.5.1 version of Logic

VEP7 is hosted in the same computer, internally. Do you think it may be because of the overload? I never max out my RAM but I noticed that ports on activity monitor between VEP7 and Logic have immense numbers. Wondering if that may be the case...

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26 minutes ago, David Nahmani said:

These are some odd issues, I've never experienced them. 

Is there any way you could reproduce a single one of these issues in a new project using one of Logic's instruments? If you can do that then you can attach the file here and I can experiment with it. 

Great, will give it a test and let you know how I get on.

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