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mystery "Audio Unit(s) enabled which did not pass the Apple AU validation"


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HI I get this alert opening LPX with any project-


You are using incompatible Audio Units.

Dear Logic Pro user,

you have 1 Audio Unit(s) enabled which did not pass the Apple AU validation. This may cause problems and can even crash Logic Pro or lead to data loss! Please check with the manufacturer(s) for updated versions. We recommend disabling these plug-ins in the Plug-In Manager.


there are no plugins in use that “failed validation” or “couldn’t be opened”. Every plugin with “Use” checked is shown as “successfully validated”.

I unclicked “use” on ten plugins at a time and restarted, making my way through all the plugins. The alert still came up every time.

When I open LPX in Rosetta, I still get the alert.

Opening with the control key to start without audio, no problem of course. This also disables native plugins one can’t normally shut off, so it may be one of those?

Opening in Audio Units safe mode works without the alert, however the plugin manager list of plugins in use or not is identical to when opening normally when the alert comes up.


I should add, when I get the alerts and select “ignore” I am able to proceed without the warned problems or crashes. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks

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Only real way to tell is to either remove the au cache and let it rebuild, or if still seeing this, remove groups of components temporarily to narrow it down and see which one is to blame I think.


I turned off literally every plugin other than the native ones that can't be disabled, still had the problem. This made me wonder if unclicking them in the plugin manager is really sufficient in some cases, or perhaps they need to be actually uninstalled... anyway-

Removing the au cache and letting it rebuild took care of the problem, thanks for this.


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