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Exported tracks are slightly out of time

Johnny Flabbergast

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A friend of mine recorded some tracks for a song with the instrumental I gave him. He sent them over and I find they're ever so slightly off. I've zoomed way in to see if there was a measurable amount they were moved but it's so small as to suggest any point I pick wouldn't be 100%. Can this result from not exporting with certain specifications?
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I've seen Logic delay the start time of rendered audio compared to the original (unprocessed) audio file when bounce'ing depending upon the plugin load being processed. It may however do this on the *first* bounce and not subsequent bounces. I suspect Logic starts rendering blank audio once playback starts while it is still processing the plugin load and getting plugin latency reported to it. I have measured Logic padding bounced files with blank audio in the msec range. I see this doing the same mix in Logic and Reaper where you go to line up the rendered mixes and the start of audio in Logic can be delayed (running exactly the same plugins). So just zoom in on your reference track and the new tracks - then drag the new tracks to align with the start of audio in your original tracks.
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