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Changing Volume Fader Position After Volume Automation [SOLVED]

Go to solution Solved by Atlas007,

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Let's say I record a vocal and do a few volume automatons early on in a writing session, but later on, I wanna change the overall volume of the vocal without altering the relative balance between the louder and softer volume automatons from earlier.

Normally I would use the Automation Select Tool and grab all the automatons from the vocal track, and drag up or down.

Is there another way to do this?

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No I have not, but after viewing that link, it sounds like "relative" mode might be a good alternative.


So i tried all six options and the combination of TOUCH and TRIM together allows you to write automation, then adjust the volume fader without losing your automation relative to your new volume fader position.

Hope this helped someone. It helped me!! 8-)


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