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Multiple Ext Instrument Patch Changes?


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Now that live events are coming back, my wife and I are working on getting a new live rig setup. We are running a Nord Stage 3, a Boss RC-505mk2 looper, and a Helix for guitar. In a perfect world, we would have these set to automatically program change, set tempos, etc. across all of the instruments. It's a bit of a pain because we have to set 3 external instruments for every single patch we make.


I've tried setting the Externals at the concert level, but then any Program Change command I send on a patch level affects all the other patches at the same time. I can't find an override parent setting for that particular command. Any ideas, or do I just need to suck it up and make individual ext. instruments for each patch? This seems like a UX flaw ... if we ever add another instrument, need to change midi channels, etc., it would be nice to have a global way to do that and then be able to granularly update the settings for each patch.


I'm on Mainstage 3.5.3, and any tips are greatly appreciated!

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