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How to control sustain pedal on a second track?


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I noticed in this sound on sound article that they had one midi channel playing a piano part and a second channel controlling the sustain (so he could easily copy and paste it throughout the entire piano part).

How would I set that up in my session? I've been having to hand draw them for the entire song and doing it this way seems way more effiecient!

here's a screenshot of the logic session in the article:


And heres the article: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/inside-track-lewis-capaldis-someone-you-loved

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Here is one possible procedure:


  1. If your sustain pedal (CC64) are already recorded, create a new track with same instrument:
    • selecting the piano track then
    • use the default US KC ([Control]+[shift]+[Return])


[*]Copy the piano region to that newly created track

  • ([Option]+"drag" is probably the most straight forward way)


[*]Select the region to contain only the Sustain (CC64):


[*]In the Event List editor,

  • disable the Controllers filter button in order to hide the CC64,
  • Select All default US KC ([Command]+ [A])
  • and hit the delete key on your computer keyboard.


[*]If you want to get rid of the other type of recorded controllers events (than the CC64 sustain):

  • Select a CC64 event with the mouse
  • Select all CC64 using default US KC ([shift]+)
  • Invert that selection to select all the other controllers (but the CC64) using the default US KC ([shift]+).
  • Hit the delete key on your computer keyboard.

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