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New MacBook Pro not detecting microphone? [SOLVED]

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Hi everyone, I finally got my 14 inch MacBook Pro.

I am happy, but one issue- the interface is working with an adapter (old usb to the usb3 port) and is working for me in logic fine, but there is no signal when I try to use a mic.


Has something changed on the latest version of logic as everything else is good.


It’s probably something simple I have forgotten with my memory issues.


Thanks for your help in advance, Conan.

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Yeah, I had to quit logic and restart to do it that’s already done.


It’s odd, I have it set to input 1-2 like I used too, at least I think I did. I had a bad head injury and my memory is bad now.


So signal is showing on the interface, coming through the monitors, but not showing in logic.

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did you check logic in system preferences>security & privacy>privacy>microphone? and is the microphone selected as input IN logic's own audio preferences?(hmmm, just posted all this on another thread today!)

The first part yes I’ve done that part.


The second, I’m unsure. Where do I check? I can’t see anything in preferences under audio for this?

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