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opening Folders with CC


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Hi Guys,

I miss a lot this old Touch OSC setup that I used with Nuendo.

It makes opening folders simple and fast.

I have not found a way to do it in Logic.

Is there one ??? I could not figure it out in "controllers assignments".

Thanks a lot for your help




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You can Learn a MIDI event to open the selected folder, however i don't believe you can have different events for specific folders which I believe is the solution you're looking for.


On the other hand you could open different folders in different screensets and learn specific events to recall each individual screenset:



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Well, the track selected stays the track selected no matter the screenset.


Wait, I thought we were talking about folders that contain regions and tracks, the kind you create by choosing Functions > Folder > Pack Folder? In that case you can definitely have different screensets showing different tracks at the same time, and switch from a "Strings" screenset to a "Brass" screenset etc.


Unless you were talking about some other kind of folder?

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