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Is there a way to slide comp takes? [SOLVED]

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Did you mean slip?

In such a case, have you tried the slip region by nudge value method:

  • In Logic Pro, select the regions, then do one of the following:
  • Choose Edit > Move > Slip Left (or use the corresponding key command: Control-Option-Left Arrow).
  • Choose Edit > Move > Slip Right (or use the corresponding key command: Control-Option-Right Arrow).

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I'll try to clarify.


I'm recording electric guitar DI through Guitar Rig.


I record with headphones on one ear (with the channel I'm recording into muted) so I can hear the guitar with the other. I get better performances this way, hearing the electric guitar straight up instead of in headphones with all the fx on it.


I record with the "low latency" button clicked on, so everything lines up correctly to the grid. When the "low latency" button is off, the recording will show up behind the grid to some degree, depending on the amount of latency is going on in the project at the time.


Since I'm not monitoring my performance through the channel strip, I accidentally recorded a set of 10 or so takes with the "low latency" button clicked off without realizing it. So they're a half second or so behind the other takes in the comp folder.


Is there any way to slide these 10 takes forward within the comp folder? I did it the long and less accurate way using Flex but is there a way to just slide the whole audio take over within a comp folder?

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