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Exporting MIDI from beggining of track


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Hi guys!


I am preparing stems for mixing. I have some midi tracks, and they all kick in in different time. I need to export them from the beggining for mixing, I tried just to drag them to the right side but in exported midi file it start not from the beggining, but just from there the notes are. Is here any way how to make easily, waste whole day for this.

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Hmm… That’s strange… BTW, what are your system specs?

I’ll have to check on that one when I get to the studio…

In the meantime, as a workaround, have you tried inserting a (dummy) MIDI event (i.e. unuused CC) at the beginning ( of the lengthened region instead of leaving it empty?

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MB PRO 2018 2.9 i9 6 core 32 GB Logic Pro X 10.6.1 Catalina

I tried to insert empty midi region on same thing with muted event also - doesnt work

Have you tried joining that empty region to the recorded one?

BTW, how did you (exactly) proceed for the exportation attempts?

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Yes I tried to join with empty region - the same. I just click File > Export > selection as Midi file. Also tried clicking directly to region > right click > Export as Midi File.

Thanks for trying to help)

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