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What size and type monitor do you find ideal?

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I am looking for advice in regards to monitors. I have a Mac mini M1 and a 2015 MacBook Pro. What sizes are the most productive, but also easy on the eye? Is 4k necessary? Im looking to spend as little as possible. I will mainly be using it for Logic pro, and general stuff.


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I've got a couple of fairly cheap BenQ GW2250 monitors, but they're good enough for the job. The big deal for me was putting them on a dedicated multi-screen stand, so I could get them to the correct eye-line height. Screens that are too low will cause you pain in the end. 

The res is 1920 x 1080, and I also do a certain amount of video editing. Although the monitors aren't top notch, I find I can do colour grading pretty well, because I'm used to how they look. I'm not expecting a call from Hollywood anytime soon though.

There are things I do in LPX that would become long-winded with just one screen, TBH.

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