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importing MIDI files into Logic


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I'm having trouble importing MIDI files from pre-existing Logic projects. When I import the MIDI files into a new project from my template, all the notes come out all stacked and squashed together. Has anyone encountered this problem? I haven't upgraded my Mac OS from Catalina to Monterey yet because of 3rd party incompatibility. I'm sure you all understand. I've attached a screenshot of what this looks like. Thanks. 515850684_ScreenShot2022-04-15at10_50_01AM.thumb.png.2af8cded7c4ec0504244f9f3e47ae78a.png
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Yes if it's what I think you suggested but it imports the whole track and all its content. I'm breaking a long film down into separate cues so if I do it that way, I get a long chain of MIDI files and I have to spend too much time combing through them. They do import correctly though. I just want to import a few select MIDI files at a time. It was working before and it even worked when I imported some MIDI files from an old Cubase project.
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