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Interface downturning everything, even YouTube?

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Hi everyone, I have a old Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 that I have been using with my new M1 14 inch MacBook Pro, I haven't had any issues until today.


I am using it with an adapter from standard USB to thunderbolt/usb 3 size.


Today I thought on a video the voices sounded odd, then got a notification on Facebook and that was also down tuned. If I put YouTube to 1.25 speed it sounded about right.


I restarted the Mac and also changed from the right thunderbolt/USB port to one on the left and it has gone away.


Has anyone else had this issue? I know my interface is old but it works, so wondered if this is a one off or something I need to look into as I only got the Mac recently.



Thank you all, Conan.

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Explain please.


Adapters can be unpredictable. Sometimes they work perfectly, sometimes they don't. Just like with any cable.


Ah, okay, just the general feeling that weird things happen, then? I definitely concur. Though my Metric Halo MIO 2882 was more of a diva under Firewire than she is now. ;)


I was hoping you might perhaps have a slightly more technical explanation for what appears to have been a sample rate mismatch. :)

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Anything is possible with USB and adapters.

Could be a random thing.

If it starts happening more often, then it can be a hardware issue.

Ok thank you for helping and explaining.


When I pulled out the cable, the actual in built audio was fine on the Mac, so it must have been the interface or adapter. I didn't realise they could cause issue, I will have to get a new interface when I can afford it.

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