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How do I slow down/slow mo a region?


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How do I slow down/slow mo a region? Not an audio that I imported from files but one that I recorded from my keyboarding using th electric piano. Ive been able to slow down an audio I imported but I can't seem to do one for one that I recorded. Does that make sense?
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If you managed to slow down the audio region playback using the region's Fade Out/Slow Down parameter. That method isn't available for a MIDI region.

To achieve a similar result on a MIDI region you would have to use the tempo track and draw a curve to obtain the desired result.

However, the pitch will not be affected by the change of playback speed (like it would for an audio region).

If you wish to obtain the very same result, you would have to convert that recorded MIDI region into an audio region (via the bouncing-in-placeprocedure).

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