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Logic Pro Not Recording


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been using Logic Pro for a while although still consider myself a novice. Lately, I'm having problems trying to record my guitar. Here is my environment.

* Latest version of Logic Pro 10.7.3 on a M2 Macbook pro


* I create an audio track using inputs 5&6 which is what my audio interface is using. I'm using a Neural DSP plugin and I'm able to monitor it with meters it sounds great. I hear it through my monitors, meters are at the right levels. I have recording enabled. I'm thinking I'm good to go.


* I punch the record button and immediately my monitors give me a dry signal of my guitar. The play head moves but does not record


What should I be checking or missing? any guidance greatly appreciated.



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Hi David, sorry for the delay. Yes, track was record-enabled and no auto-punch area. I think it has something to do with using inputs 5&6? Why when I'm not recording and just monitoring I get my wet sound with the plugins but the minute I punch record it goes dry. Any ideas of what would cause that? I'm driving my monitors with my audio interface as well so I'm wondering if I'm having issues with the signal path. I've tried other plugins, but the problem still persists. I'm going to spend more time on it tonight.


Thanks for any guidance and help.



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